1. Thanks for taking such good care of me

    This past Friday, Jan 5, 2018, I went for my 1 year follow up from my Level 4 surgery. Both Dr John Peloza and Matt Chapman, PA, were so awesome through the entire process. Especially when they opened me up to find my anatomy was made of teeny-tiny pedicles. They were THE team to have in the OR to navigate the challenge of screw placement in pedicles smaller than a babies. Happy to report the fusi…Read More

    Laura Lee
  2. I will be recommending Dr. Peloza at every opportunity

    Dr. Peloza is hands down the best Dr. I have ever been treated by. I have been living with neck and back pain for many years. About mid year in 2015 it got to the point where the pain and nerve damage was so bad it was affecting my everyday quality of life. I went to see 3 other spine specialist before going to Dr. Peloza who came highly recommended by a co-worker. The other 3 Dr's treatment plans…Read More

    Adam Browning
  3. They never fail to see me when I need them

    Thank you Dr. Peloza for all you have done to help me thru several surgeries. You and your staff continue to treat me with true compassion. I live several hours away and they never fail to see me when I need them. Dr Peloza continues daily to reach out to help! I truly enjoy life with moderate pain because of you. Thank you !…Read More

    Brenda Setzler Huff
  4. Look no further.

    I first saw Dr. Peloza in 2000 at the recommendation of a close family friend. I had been in bed for more than a year with pain other doctors couldn't resolve or figure out. There were many. Prominent doctors even. Dr. Peloza was my last hope so to speak. He seemed to know exactly what was going on after my first exam, proceeded with tests I'd never had that confirmed his diagnosis. After surgery …Read More

    Shari Guess
  5. Thank you Dr. P for changing my life!

    Dr. Peloza is down right the absolute best spine surgeon there is. I had surgery in 2006 and 2008 by another surgeon but still had major issues and pain. When he did my surgery in 2011 he gave me my life back. It's 6 years later and I feel incredible. I haven't had to see him for anything lately but miss talking to him. Thank you Dr. P for changing my life!!! - Kacy Hendricks…Read More

    Mack Hope Hendricks
  6. I do recommend him highly

    Dr. Peloza wasn't able to perform a procedure to help me C5 disc replacement due to insurance problems. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful to me when discussing my neck condition. I do recommend him highly for anyone seeking help with spine care. My opinion he's a excellent doctor and his staff are great too!…Read More

    Matthew Lamb
  7. Peloza didn’t earn national recognition over and over for no reason

    Peloza didn't earn national recognition over and over for no reason. Glad I was able to get in and get pragmatic advice to manage this neck pain.…Read More

    Anne Puidk Horan
  8. I had instant relief

    Absolutely ADORE Dr. Peloza and his staff. I had my 360 Fusion on 12/12/15 after fracturing my L5. In my case, I had instant relief. I'm 5 months post-op still feeling great. I am so grateful to Dr. Peloza for giving me quality of life back!…Read More

    Donna Payne Latham
  9. Warm and Friendly

    Even though I don't like the reasons why i have to go the ppl there are warm n friendly n make u feel comfortable.…Read More

    Michelle Varin Agnew
  10. Excellent doctors and staff!

    Excellent doctors and staff!!! I can't say enough about the way they take care of you and how they make you a priority!…Read More

    Jeff Patterson