Thanks for taking such good care of me

This past Friday, Jan 5, 2018, I went for my 1 year follow up from my Level 4 surgery. Both Dr John Peloza and Matt Chapman, PA, were so awesome through the entire process. Especially when they opened me up to find my anatomy was made of teeny-tiny pedicles. They were THE team to have in the OR to navigate the challenge of screw placement in pedicles smaller than a babies.

Happy to report the fusion is a fantastic success on all 4 levels. It was a tough recovery those first 3 months but mostly b/c of my impatience with the healing process. One year has flown by and I’m going strong. Thnx for taking such good care of me, guys.

AND a big shout out to the office staff, too. They are so caring with great follow through and scheduling and insurance process. All the girls are awesome!!

Laura Lee