Do you suffer from Sciatica pain? Are you tired of pain in your lower back, legs, rear, and feet? If you want to find back pain relief, you need to see the specialists at Center for Spine Care in Dallas. After decades of helping patients with their spine treatment and procedures, they are the experts on spine pain relief. Here are some general spine treatments to consider:

Spine Treatment Options

Treatment Option #1 – Alternate Heat and Ice

For those who have intermittent or inconsistent sciatic pain, alternating heat and ice can help relieve some of the pain. Some of the pain occurs due to inflammation. When you increase and decrease blood flow with heat and ice, it can help.

Treatment Option #2 – Over-The-Counter Anti-inflammatories

As a pair with treatment option number two above, you can add in advised dosage of OTC anti inflammatories or pain medications. However, this may dull the pain for a few hours, it won’t remedy the underlying cause of your pain.

Treatment Option #3 – Epidural Injection

An injection treatment for your sciatic pain is effective in reducing inflammation and numbing pain better than OTC alternatives. The injection is administered directly to the inflamed or painful area to relieve pain, but, once again, it will not remedy the underlying cause. An injection will only provide temporary back pain relief.

Minimally Invasive Spine treatments

If the above treatments do not work for you, Center for Spine Care in Dallas also offers a variety of other conservative spine treatment options to patients, including medication, physical therapy, electrical stimulation, and psychological therapy. No matter the level of pain you’re experiencing, it’s important to see a spine doctor to determine how to relieve the pain.

Surgical Spine Procedures

If your Sciatica or other cause of back pain persists or is more serious, you may need a surgical spine procedure to remedy the issue. At Center for Spine Care, we offer a variety of procedures, including Motion Technology, non-fusion, fusion, and regenerative therapy to help resolve pain.

Back Pain Management

In some cases, you may need pain management to mitigate pain before your spine procedure. Not everyone can find relief immediately, and, in some cases, relieving pain as soon as possible is the best option. Using the minimally invasive spine pain relief along with a surgical procedure may be your path to pain relief. Remember, you and every other patient at Center for Spine Care is different, and we work diligently to find you the right spine treatment to fit your needs.

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Your health is our first priority. If you’re in pain due to Sciatica, it’s time you found back pain relief immediately. Pain in any form can be debilitating, but when you can’t make it through the day without excruciating back, leg, rear, hip, or foot pain, you need help. At Center for Spine Care, we understand. It can be scary to see a spine specialist, but it’s what you need to relieve your pain.

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