Do you suffer from neck, back, or spine pain? When’s the last time you made it through an entire day without pain? You deserve a pain-free life! The spine doctors at Center for Spine Care in Dallas want to help you. We offer a variety of minimally invasive spine treatments and surgical spine procedures to help you find pain relief. It’s not enough to hope your pain goes away if you wait long enough. Our treatments and procedures include medication, physical therapy, electrical stimulation, psychological therapy, motion technology, non-fusion, and fusion. Contact us to schedule a spine doctor consultation.

  1. 3 Regenerative Treatments for Your Spinal Condition

    Living with a degenerative spine condition can be tough. It can severely limit your ability to move around and can be the cause of severe back pain. You have either experienced this condition yourself or you know someone who currently suffers from back pain. For most of us, the pain will eventually …Read More

  2. 10 Tips for Improved Posture from a Spine Doctor: Part 1

    We all have heard that good posture is essential for our health and wellbeing, while bad posture can lead to all sorts of difficulties — from chronic lower back pain to degenerative spine disease. Correct posture isn’t just a matter of “you have it or you don’t.” With a little bit of pract…Read More

  3. COVID-19 Update From the Center for Spine Care

    Just because there is the added health risk of COVID-19 in our lives, it doesn’t mean that your back pain will magically go away. People still require spine treatment, physical therapy, and other solutions for neck and spine pain. Center for Spine Care has served the DFW community for over 20 year…Read More

  4. When To Visit a Spine Doctor

    Though most of us experience acute lower back pain from time to time, sometimes an episode of lower back pain can call for a visit to your local spine doctor. Before visiting a spine doctor, you may want to start by meeting up with your general practitioner. Based on their assessment, they may recom…Read More