Dr. Peloza opened Center for Spine Care in 1996 with one mission: to provide safe, quality, innovative treatments that enable you to get back to an active life. Center for Spine Care’s (CSC) treatment philosophy, the Minimally Invasive Spine (MIS) treatment approach, has always been the foundation of that mission. For the over two decades CSC has proudly been on the forefront of MIS treatment techniques that typically lead to quicker recovery and return to function for patients.

At CSC, the first step in MIS treatment is to identify what is causing your pain. MIS is often used as a descriptor when talking about spine surgery; but, true MIS treatment is a strategy that begins in the clinic, not the operating room. As Dr. Peloza says, “A MRI is not the whole picture. Listening to the patient, performing a physical exam and precise diagnostics allow us to create predictable treatment plans, unique to each patient’s needs.” Through this thorough assessment, most CSC patients are able to get back to an active life with targeted non-invasive or minimally invasive conservative measures.

Should your condition require a surgical solution, CSC stays true to our MIS treatment philosophy. From the smallest to the largest procedures, the goal remains the same: target the pathology with minimal disruption. Dr. Peloza, Mr. Chapman and the surgical team use computer navigation and technology designed to work with your body such as motion devices, stem cells, and grafts with nanotechnology. CSC’s dedication to research and the advancement of MIS technology has allowed us early access to newly approved technologies, as well as the ability to participate in FDA/IDE clinical trials. Combining these resources with extensive MIS training and experience can lead to quicker recoveries that get you back to an active life sooner.

Our CSC Support Team will be here to assist you on your treatment path. In addition to our medical providers, we have a very experienced allied health and clerical staff that truly cares about you. Our team focuses on providing a boutique experience specific to your care needs. We recognize that today’s healthcare environment can often be frustrating due to costs, rules and regulations. To minimize these frustrations we stay on top of industry trends and all insurance carrier medical policy changes. Together we will utilize our knowledge and resources to help you efficiently and effectively navigate through medical questions, provider referrals, insurance issues, and any other hurdles that arise during your treatment.

We welcome you to Center for Spine Care, and look forward to helping you get back to your active life.